Monday, December 14, 2015

Youth Development run down

       Youth development voluntary engagements with youth. Youth develop workers covers the informal teaching to balance out the academic teaching that young people are accustomed to. Youth Development is a commit to be a positive role model, leader, and advocate for youth who  may need it.  They work in communities to changes lives and also stand for justice against prejudice, and discriminations  for all young people no matter the young person's sex or race. Y dev stands for unity and tolerance,  for all young people as well as guiding them in a positive direction.

   Y Dev breaks down into three categories including social work and nonprofit studies. Y Dev uses the social worker classes to teach Y dev.  majors how to advocate for people, relate, handle people's problems. The nonprofit class teaches how an organization/agency that  work with youth might operate. Youth development is about understanding and relating to the future of the world. Like in the article This is Youth Work: Stories of the Practice said in so many words it is too essential  to be overlooked by government.

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