Saturday, October 24, 2015

context Mapping

Context map is the different social components and relationships  of one's  life that is separated but overall make up who the person is. People can somewhat adapt to different social settings in their life to fit in and be accepted. There are some conflicts when the different relationships and social component entwine living the person stuck on who they want to be.  this was the case for Julian. Julian had a hard time being in different roles in the  social environments that were parts of his life. Mitchell had Julian write  down the relationships in his life and what each relationships expect out of him which is pretty much a context map.
context map has 4 identities
Diffused Identity

My context map
My family
the Elder and decision maker for young siblings and family members at times. 
Abide by culture 
Educator and career oriented 
I have to be mature responsible one in this role 

have fun
I am laid back more open and playful

role model
I am focus and requires a lot of planning and organization, i'm serious in this role

Sports fan
Semi aggressive
I am loud and in people's face, i can be more competitive and wild 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

construction of Adolescence

(late to due to assignment listing late and it was hard to read)
Context that i learned 

Theoretical thinking
Constructional of Adolescence 
interpyschological development
interpersonal development
reciprocal coauthorship

what i found interesting
author of our own story 
meeting of the mind
zone of proximity development

5 people who coauthored my life (Could only think of 5)
my mother Phebean
my sister Bunmi
My brother in law Reggie
My 3rd and 4th grade teacher Mrs. Leduc
My uncle Sina
My cousin Kenny
The person that co authored my life story is my teacher Mrs. Leduc. When I was in the 3rd grade i couldn't really read. Mrs. Leduc didn't only help me learn how to read but helped me enjoy it. I believe that she bettered my life story and I believe that her teaching experience with me was beneficial to her self-esteem on how she felt about herself as a teacher, considering the other classmates i had.  We had a very respectful relationship which helped me gain confident in knowing  people and try to be able to trust other. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

color blind color brave response and YIA

   There have been times  both in my past and present  time  that I felt invisible. I have felt it among family, friends, co-workers and in classes.. Sometimes  I'm around people but I feel like like i'm not actually among the other people there because i'm reserved in the background not really interacting with the group. There could be several reasons for  me feeling invisible including being shy,  I wasn't included in the conversation, or because I felt i didn't fit in.  The video and tweet helped me think about being in a group setting where there might be some people who are not engage but may have something important to say so I  should try to include them.  The video brought up a good point about expanding who  I talk to;  from every background because I could learn a lot from different people.

    In the video  "Color Blind or Color Brave?" I feel like i can relate to what the Mellody Hobson spoke on about race and dealing with it head on. I am very outspoken about racist issues but because I talk about it, people shy away from talking to me about it because I bring up facts, I have views when ever I feel like my race is being misinterpreted, or discriminated against people roll their eyes and may think that what I'm saying is annoying but its actually true. An example is when my brothers and I were walking to a park at night in Warwick. We were in predominated white neighborhood so I knew from my own experience that people in the neighborhood might find 4 black men walking down their street suspicious. I was proven right when a Warwick police officer stopped us walking to our car and asked where we were going along with our IDs. My brothers willingly gave their IDs but i was hesitate because i knew we didn't do nothing wrong and he had no right to. After when the officer allowed us to leave, i ranted about how it was not fair and how we were racial profited. My brothers shunned me out and kept talking about other things ignoring what just happen. They learned to shy away from talking about racism and discrimination and i felt left out at that point. i felt left out because i was the only one concerned and had all these emotions about it. They played video games and laughed forgetting what happen and I just sat down not really in the mood to talk. I learned because my generation was more outspoken about it and their generation avoided it at all cost that I couldn't really engage with my brothers about it and felt like an outcast.

i'm glad there is YIA because they can be the ones to close the gap between people who want to talk about race and those who ignore it. Their program creates the opportunity to have deep discussion and it seems like most of them respect one another enough to listen. They can be the model for the community to follow so it can spread beyond YIA and into other community centers, and on street corners so race does not have to be an invisible topic. YIA can also role model how having a diversity program in all position is beneficial to an organization. I will continue to support YIA so they can show communities how important it is to have diversity in their program.