Tuesday, October 20, 2015

construction of Adolescence

(late to due to assignment listing late and it was hard to read)
Context that i learned 

Theoretical thinking
Constructional of Adolescence 
interpyschological development
interpersonal development
reciprocal coauthorship

what i found interesting
author of our own story 
meeting of the mind
zone of proximity development

5 people who coauthored my life (Could only think of 5)
my mother Phebean
my sister Bunmi
My brother in law Reggie
My 3rd and 4th grade teacher Mrs. Leduc
My uncle Sina
My cousin Kenny
The person that co authored my life story is my teacher Mrs. Leduc. When I was in the 3rd grade i couldn't really read. Mrs. Leduc didn't only help me learn how to read but helped me enjoy it. I believe that she bettered my life story and I believe that her teaching experience with me was beneficial to her self-esteem on how she felt about herself as a teacher, considering the other classmates i had.  We had a very respectful relationship which helped me gain confident in knowing  people and try to be able to trust other. 

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  1. Timi I love how your third grade teacher was the person you chose to write about. I commented on someone else's blog about youth workers as teachers, and vise versa. Mrs. Leduc is the perfect example of a teacher who was concerned about all of you, and not just your struggle with reading. It seems as if though she understood all the other struggles associated with not being able to read as well.