Thursday, December 3, 2015

No such thing as a bad child

    I went to a very interesting seminar called "No Such Thing as A Bad Child" This was held at my job and was part of my training for work. It was held by Charlie Applestein who is well known for  working with  trouble youth in foster care, residential settings and psych hospital settings.  He speaks at these placements to teach ways of interacting with youth and handling challenging behaviors.  He first spoke about his experience in the field of residential work and some things he had to go through. Dr. Applestein was very funny having us laughing to things that only a residential workers can relate to. Dr. Applestein explained how it all starts with making the young person we care for feel good about themselves. He said its starts the moment that we walk in the door and see the kids that are "troubled". we treat them like we haven't seen them in a long time and we are enthusiastic about working with them make them feel good about themselves. He said later down the line it would help  when they are in crisis because the  present of someone who made them feel good when they weren't in crisis trigger a feeling of things being better. He had a few silly songs about following the rules that he suggested that he said works to help remind kids of rules and acceptable behavior, He has these tapes for free if you email him.

   I believe this article relates to our discussion about resilient kids. I believe that Applestein would like the job that the school is doing to deal with behaviors. Both Applestein's seminars and what was said  on the videos about resilient kids put powerful emphasizes on the positive behavior and teaching kids about proper ways of dealing with challenges and stress in different setting. Both models should be used in  the classrooms, residential treatments centers and foster care enviroments. I would recommend Charlie Applestein to speak to the class in one the Y dev classes.


  1. After simply reading the title of your piece it struck my attention because I to believe that children shouldn't be labeled in a negative way. This event to me was definitely worth it. I think that your knowledge that you acquired is excellent.

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