Tuesday, November 10, 2015

single stories

    I have heard of single stories of certain people growing up. As i grew into a career of being a teacher  i was told of stories of students who were in urban areas around the country. I heard stories of violence and disrespect in the inner city schools and how much more dangerous it is to work there. All this was coming from one of  my professor from CCRI. She seem to speak from experience and i soaked it all in but at the same time I was conflicted due to have been in inner city schools and feeling like it wasn't all that bad  the schools I was in.  By mid semester i was second guessing my own experience like "that fight between  Bo and Andrew was pretty bad.. maybe I been in a violent environment and been immune  to how bad it was  the whole time."  This teacher's perception of what inner city students had me think different about my own environment and had me want to teach in other types of schools.  This perception changed when I snapped out of my trance and said "these are my people who grew up similar to me and  I owe it to them to give back." I had a chance to do my classroom observation in Warwick or in Providence  when i came to RIC one semester later.  I chose Providence to prove to others and tell the story that working with the youths in the inner city would not be as bad as some professors in college classes made them seem. Let me tell you i had a blast working in the schools!! it was the best experience i ever had. I worked in the preschool and kindergarten class at John Hope. I easily related and found that the "violent inner city youth were no more than age appropriate tantrums that a student in a school in the suburbans would have. I chose my path from that moment on. I didn't hear the other side of the story i lived it.

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  1. Timi,

    I enjoyed hearing about your personal experience in working with inner city youth. I can relate that the feeling is awesome, to be able to work with youths environment you can relate too. Our presence is valuable in the room. I also felt the same in my past field placements in cities like Providence and Central Falls.

  2. I really like your picture! Great addition to your blog and I like how well you were able to discuss your relations with urban youth and how you noticed the single stories when working with them. I am glad that you were able to see the positives in the kids and enjoy your time with them and free your mindset from the single stories that other people have related to them.

  3. Hi Timi,

    I just want to start off by saying how much your post really spoke to me. I loved how you used your personal experience and field experience to help the reader understand the danger of a single story. The quote you used, "these are my people who grew up similar to me and I owe it to them to give back." was very powerful and that is what youth work is all about. Also your picture was perfect for this post.


  4. I can definitely relate to some of the things that you have been told. My parents split and I lived in Coventry for most of my life. I was always told that the urban areas of RI are not the best areas to be. Fortunately, I found out for myself later on in life that this is not always true. There is good and bad wherever you go, no matter where you are.