Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My blog about me

                                               I been very concerned about this nation and the directions it is heading. I question a lot of our justice system and this countries true moral standards, especially when it comes to blacks and other minorities. i'm huge on social justice and  I argue civil rights with people who are blinded or ignorant to what's going on.
                                           This is a picture of me at work..yea i work ALOT
                                        I love giving advice and supporting people. I do it all day at work and when people ask me for insight on situations.. I actually have a section in my phone of qoutes and memes of great advice i sometimes  pull from to empower the people around me.

                                         I am the second oldest with my sibling out of 5 shown above. we are first generation  here in the united states whoms family came from Nigeria. this is us at my brother's Seun's graduation party from high school. From right to left is my brother Toyin who is 20, My sister Bunmi who is 32 and the oldest, my brother Seun who is 18, me, and my littlest brother Seyi who is 13.  we had a blast that day. We are wearing native  which is Nigerian clothing

This was back in 2011 my friend Jarvis and I were the super Mario Brothers. We had a ball.. I think we had the best customs  around.. 
                                          I love music.. i try to extend out to different genres. i believe music is therapty


  1. Hey! I went to high school with your brother Toyin lol